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Help for students with ADHD in the Austin Independent School District (.doc file)

Welcome to the site of the

Positive Family Coaching Services

Ongoing Coaching Supports for Family Members with Biobehavioral Disorders


Biobehavioral Disorders include:

ADHD Family of Disorders

Mood Regulation Disorders – Thought Disorders – Social Disorders

Personality Disorders

Learning Disabilities – Sensory Processing Disorders

Learning Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders – Anxiety/OCD

Join us and improve your knowledge and skills regarding:


Strive For Science-Based Solutions:

Science-Based ADHD Assessments

Science-Based ADHD Interventions

ADHD reflects immaturity and different wiring:

Self-Management skills are like those of younger people

Many seemingly "Won't Do" responses are really "Can't Do" responses

ADHD almost never occurs by itself:

Learning and self-control problems are often seen in ADHD

Learning and social skills struggles are also commonly seen

Daily Living Challenges to Families with ADHD

Fine-tune management strategies for behavior problems

Fine-tune management of school/work problems

Coaching and Neuroscience

Ongoing coaching for new skill learning stability

Matching interventions to unique brain functions

Other PFCS Interventions and Supports

Visual cuing and cognitive-behavioral techniques

Technological [phone/e-mail] coaching and site-visit supports

Accurate Expectations are Essential to Good Outcomes

If "logical" solutions are not working do something else

Don't persist in having typical expectations of atypical people 

Relevant Laws

Sec. 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

IDEA Special Education

Response to Intervention


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